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To be Holistic is to be you whole and complete to know who you are deep down inside. That truly is a big statement for there are many people walking around who are lost in themselves with little to know idea how to find their center.  Become Holistic takes time for you must take the time to meet your inter-self, and learn about the real you. Take time each day for self-reflection. . Not work, not the children, not anything other than you. Each and every person will have a different way of doing this, I will share my journey and it’s my hope that readers will share their own ways in order to help our friends who are just starting out on their journey to becoming Holistic.

Each day I like to take the time to welcome the day. I love to go outside breathe the crisp air of morning and watch nature wake, with my bare feet on mother earth, I clear my mind relax with a hot cup of coffee (you will find that a hot cup of coffee and I are never far apart) and feel natures energy flow threw me. In the evening I like to take the time to clear the day from my thoughts I call this the dumping of my mind :), just a few minutes to relax and relieve the days stress.

It’s a great thing to take time out of life to do what you enjoy doing. It’s a great opportunity to get to know, You. Here are a few of my simple loves in life: I love to garden outside, with my hands dirty from caressing mother earth. I love the “feeling of the open road” on the back of a motorcycle, such a simple and free feeling. I love to cook and bake, to me a relaxing artistic past time. But mostly I love living Life. (Give me a little farm, and I will give you a life where dreams are really coming true. 🙂 )


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Living A Holistic Life

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, “Holisitic” means “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts”.   One can take a holistic approach to practically anything – science, music, architecture, etc.   For our purposes, we take a holistic approach to life.
Living a holistic lifestyle should not be a hard task, it is nothing more then living life as the whole person you where meant to be.
The major key to living holistic is MIND STATE, your mind state controls your body state therefor the key to balance of heart and soul. Energy follows thought, so to have positive energy one first must have positive thoughts.

Give yourself a few moments to take the  Wellness IQ test

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